Grúa Aérea De Doble Viga Tipo LH

Sep 06, 2023

Brief introduction

LH type double girder overhead crane is a crane used for lifting heavy objects in the workshop. It is mainly composed of main beam, end beam, lifting trolley and electrical system. It has the advantages of stable structure, high working level, safety and reliability. Moreover, it is suitable for the lifting and transportation of heavy objects with large tonnage.


Main beam and end beam

The main beam of LH type double girder overhead crane is a box structure, welded with high-strength steel plates. The two main beams are made symmetrically, the rails are welded on the main beams, and the trolley runs on the rails of the two main beams. Transverse and vertical reinforcement plates are welded in the main beam to make the main beam structure stable without deformation. The welding work of the main beam is completed by the welding robot and workers. Before processing, all robots must be debugged and inspected to ensure good processing performance. All welds after processing shall be inspected to ensure that there are no internal and external defects.


The end beam is made of rectangular tubes. The wheel hole and motor hole are machined by cutting on the rectangular pipe, and then the wheel and motor are installed on the hole. The rectangular tube is used for processing to reduce the welding seam, so that the end beam has higher strength. And less welding seam also makes the end beam more beautiful.

The lifting trolley

The lifting trolley is composed of wire rope hoist, running mechanism, trolley frame and other parts. The trolley frame is composed of trolley end beam and cross beam. It is made of rectangular tube and steel plate, with stable structure, safety and reliability. The hoist is connected to the trolley frame through high-strength bolts and is responsible for lifting heavy objects. The running mechanism drives the overall movement of the trolley.

double girder crane

Working principle of LH type double girder overhead crane

When the LH type double girder overhead crane is working, the lifting trolley runs on the main beam track, so it has a larger lifting height on the same track. The design of the two main beams also makes the crane more suitable for the transportation of large tonnage heavy objects or more frequently used working scenarios.

double girder bridge crane